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About Me

I have a Ph.D. and teach economics at San Antonio College. I have three sections below: My Research, Non-Academic Writings and Links. Some of the research and non-academic writings have been published.
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My Research

The Relationship Between Economics and Mythology (links to some of my published writings including journal articles and links to the work of other people)

Congressional Legislation During the Federalist Period (My dissertation abstract)
Ideology versus Economics during the Federalist Period (a paper which covers the topic of my dissertation)

The trade deficit and unemployment rates (I ran some regressions to see how much it affects unemployment)

CORRECTLY DRAWING THE ZERO ECONOMIC PROFIT GRAPH FOR A MONOPOLISTICALLY COMPETITIVE FIRM (no one has ever before figured out how to draw this so that it is mathematically correct)

Title: If Prices Are Signals, Then Taxes Are Noise: How Raising Taxes Causes Increasing Damage to Economic Efficiency (this is an elaboration on my Wall Street Journal letter to the editor linked below)


Classroom Examples

Lessons From the Supply and Demand Game (I use the game invented by Edward Chamberlin and refined by Vernon Smith in my class-these notes explain how it works what the game teaches us about markets and government policy)

Regulating a Natural Monopoly (I show that marginal cost price regulation and a subsidy is the best policy using the concept of social welfare)

A utility maximization example and what happens after the price of one good falls and nominal income is lowered to keep real income constant


Non-Academic Work

Click here to see my featured contribution to the "Freakonomics" website.

NAFTA and Job Losses (this includes a letter to the editor that was printed in the Wall Street Journal and a review of the book "Free Trade Under Fire")

A Letter of Mine on Taxes That Was Printed in the Wall Street Journal

"Market forces not to blame for society’s ills” (An op-ed in The San-Antonio Express News, page 7B, May 1, 1998)

"The free market isn't the culprit” (An op-ed in The San-Antonio Express News, page 7B, September 17, 2005-it dealt with hurricane Katrina)

"More Jobs, Higher Pay in Years After NAFTA” (An op-ed in The San-Antonio Express News, page 4H, Octobber 14, 2007



Click here to see my blog called "The Dangerous Economist"

My Sabermetrics Page (Sabermetrics is the statistical analysis of baseball and I have many published writings on this)