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I put this site together to aid anyone wishing to learn more about clutch hitting in baseball or anyone who wants to research the topic.  If you have any questions or suggestions for sites to add, please email me. There are three categories of sites listed below: Research sites, sites that are articles about clutch hitting and sites that contain discussions or message boards on clutch hitting.



Phil Birnbaum summarizes his and Bill James' views on the "fog" article as well as new research by Cramer and Palmer


Mr. Clutch Big Papi, Chipper, Pujols come through when it counts by Bill James


Clutch Hitting and the Cramer Test by Phil Birnbaum (challenges Bill James' notion that studies in the past did not disprove that clutch hitting exists in the "Underestimating the Fog” article in the 2005 Baseball Research Journal)


Underestimating the Fog by Bill James


Comments on "Underestimating the Fog" by Jim Albert


Do Clutch Hitters Exist? By Richard D. Cramer (From SABR’s Baseball Research Journal 1977)


In Search Of Clutch Hitting by Tom Ruane


Do Clutch Hitters Exist? David Grabiner


Clutch and Choke Hitters in Major League Baseball: Romantic Myth or Empirical Fact. By: Elan Fuld


Clutch Hitting One More Time By Pete Palmer


Clutch Hitting: Fact or Fiction? By Andrew Dolphin


Clutch Hitting Study By David Grabiner


Clutch Hitting Leaders, 1987-2001 by Cyril Morong


The Problem With “Total Clutch” Hitting Statistics by Cyril Morong


Hitting with Runners in Scoring Position By: David Grabiner


How Joe got 102 RBI in 1997 by Stephen Tomlinson


Hitting with Runners in Scoring Position by Jim Albert


Clutch Hitting: Does it Exist? By: David Grabiner


Still no ability to hit in the clutch By: David Grabiner


Does Team Clutch Matter in Baseball? by Cyril Morong


Clutch Hitting and Statistical Tests by Dan Levitt


Clutch Hitting and Experience by Cyril Morong


A Probability-Based Measure of Productivity in Major League Baseball With Application to the Questions of Clutch Performance and the Value of Pitching, Raymond D. Sauer and Jahn Hakes


Are Players Paid for Clutch Performance?, Raymond D. Sauer and Jahn Hakes


One More Proof That Clucth Hitters Do Not Exist By Cappy Gagnon


Don't Put the Clutch in Yet by Jorgen Rasmussen


Clutch Ability: Myth or Reality?by Rob Wood


Or Does Clutch Ability Exist? by Tom Conlon


The Power of Statistical Tests by Keith Karcher(this article is a response to the two articles immediately above)


Clutch Hitters and Other Mythological Animals by Willie Runquist


"What Makes a "Clutch" Situation?" by Tom Hanrahan


Does Clutch Hitting Exist? by Tangotiger

Does Clutch Hitting Exist? by Tangotiger (data files)


Discovering True Clutch Hitters by Keith Woolner(this article was actually part of an April fool's joke)


The Concept of ''Clutch'' by Joe Sheehan


The Statistical Mirage of Clutch Hitting by HAROLD BROOKS (from SABR’s Baseball Research Journal 1989 #18)


How Many Games Do Clutch Hitters Really Win? By Cyril Morong




Situational in Seattle by James Fraser


Clutch Hitting By Rob Neyer


The science of clutch or choke by By Matt Meltzer Daily Pennsylvanian (discusses the research by University of Pennsylvania student Elan Fuld. It is the best summary of his research I have come across so far (as of June 5, 2005).


Clutch Peddler By Megan Kolodgy of the Cleveland Plain Dealer(discusses the research by University of Pennsylvania student Elan Fuld. It is the best summary of his research I have come across so far (as of June 17, 2005).


David Ortiz really Mr. Clutch? By Nate Silver


Clutch hitting is mental By RICK FREEMAN

My Take on Clutch Hitting JC Bradbury


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